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Perfect Massage Chair: The Wait is Over

iZen’s premium zero gravity massage chairs set the standard for best-in-class home massage technology.

You will not find a more luxurious massage chair anywhere in the world. Period. Take in-home massage to the next level when you invest in one of the best massage chairs available on the market. Whether you’re pursuing a healthier lifestyle, recovering from pain or injury, or simply looking for enhanced relaxation, a zero gravity massage chair from iZen might be able to help.

What Makes Massage Chairs at iZen Different?

At iZen, our goal is to not only offer the best premium massage chair on the market but rather a total relaxation experience. We make sure we cater to your every need so you can feel relaxed and stress-free with our shopping experience. We offer:

Massage Chairs Available at iZen

  1. Extraordinary prices. Comparable massage chairs cost up to 40% more.
  2. Unparalleled quality. Our premium chairs offer all of today's state-of-the-art features built with unsurpassed craftsmanship.
  3. Amazing service.Every massage chair purchase includes free in-home white glove delivery and assembly, a complimentary 3-year service plan, and affordable financing options.
  4. Daily relaxation and rejuvenation.The opportunity to create a personal in-home sanctuary to recover from the stress of the day.
  5. Cutting-edge science. Cutting-edge science. Our massage chairs combine the latest industry technology with our depth of experience in providing over 100 million massages to date.
  6. Expert advice.If you're not sure which chair to purchase, call us and we’ll help you choose the right chair to meet your needs.




The iZen Satori 3D Zero Gravity Heated Massage Chair sets the standard for premium at-home massage technology and it offers far greater value than other options costing 40% more.

Recent Reviews

          5 of 5 stars
Vibrating Leg Massager & Ottoman Reduces swelling and feels fantastic.
by Wendy S.

I work on my feet all day as a cashier and my legs and feet ache a ton at the end of my long shift. My Mom bought this for me. I’m telling you, every day now I dream about coming home to put my legs on it. It’s amazing how quickly it works! THANK YOU!

          5 of 5 stars
Vibrating Leg Massager & Ottoman Relieves pain
by Evie N.

I suffer from painful varicose veins in my legs. The vibrations in the ottoman really do give me instant relief. It encouraged me to elevate my feet more often, which is also good for my legs. I highly recommend this product to everyone, especially if you’re going through something similar.

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What Makes iZen Unique
Finding your simple life balance should be easy and affordable. iZen offers you the best massage products at the best prices. Our massage chairs have provided more than 100 million massages at our retail locations across the country. We’re experts in understanding what’s most effective at relieving tension, soothing pain, and supporting posture. We have leveraged that knowledge and experience to develop a full line of massage products to help you relax, recover and live your best life.