We are committed to helping our customers live healthier and more balanced lives with the best massage products available on the market!

iZen’s premium zero gravity massage chairs set the standard for best-in-class home massage technology. Whether you’re pursuing a healthier and more active lifestyle, looking to alleviate chronic neck or back pain, recovering from an injury or simply looking for enhanced relaxation, you'll find a solution with iZen. From our fully immersive 3D Zero Gravity Massage Chair to our complete line of Home Accessories and Body Massagers, relaxation and relief are simply a click away.

Still unsure which iZen product is best for you? Check out our comprehensive buying guide for a complete breakdown of all of our available massage chairs.

Wellness to Athlete

Life can be stressful. You need a break. Your body needs to improve circulation, decompress, relax and restore. If you are an athlete, you need that, plus recovery and injury prevention. iZen does all of that for you.

Neck & Back Pain

Our 10+ years of experience and learning from providing over a million massages/month has given us the answers to what types of chairs and products will yield the best results for our customers’ overall health, wellbeing and satisfaction.

We make it simple!

We have taken the complexity out of finding, buying, shipping, servicing and financing home massage chairs. From our ecommerce website to our white glove delivery process, we make it easy!

What Our Customers Are Saying

          5 of 5 stars
Flow Percussion Massager I've tested them all and you can't beat this gun for this price!
Review Submitted By: Kevin Schroeder

I personally own a Theragun, and though it is top notch, it's extremely loud making it difficult to use when necessary. The Flow Device matches the power of the TG, but you can barely hear it and it's half the price! For those in the fitness & sports industry, THIS IS A MUST HAVE!

          5 of 5 stars
Modern Neck and Shoulder Massage with Heat SOOO VERSATILE!
Review Submitted By: Monique DEMAIO

I had no idea the Modern would be this versatile when I bought it but now that I know it, I bought 3 for friends and family for Christmas! I keep it in the office for my neck, shoulders, back and lower back. It's amazing!

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