Above the Shoulders Package
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Head and Neck Massager Package

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Relieve stress
Relax & Restore
Increase Circulation

You or someone you know is probably dealing with chronic headaches, a really stiff neck, tension…the person who is often stressed or even suffering from anxiety, this package—that focuses above the shoulders—is the perfect solution, or gift.

Your head is your nerve center. Its organs and receptors have more influence on the rest of the body than any other. So, it should come as no surprise that even seemingly mild afflictions like headaches, neck tension, and eye strain can have disproportionate physical, psychological, and emotional effects. The iZen Eye Massager, Vibrating Scalp Massager, and Neck Massager with Wireless Controller offer the ultimate relief.

Thanks to iZen's Above the Shoulder Package, our eye, scalp, and neck massage combo kit offers holistic relief at an incredible value.

On their own, these three products effectively target individual areas using state-of-the-art technology. Together, these head and neck massagers provide a rejuvenating experience you'll be looking forward to all day long.

Relieving Stress with iZen's Head and Neck Massagers

Taking time—even just a few minutes each day—to treat the kinds of stresses that build up around your head and neck can increase your energy, boost your mood, and alleviate recurring pain.  iZen has made this easy and affordable through its Above the Shoulder Package. With our head and neck massagers, you won't need to spend another minute looking around for massage therapy devices. They're all right here!

For more information about iZen's Head and Neck Massager, browse through our Product Manuals.

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Above the Shoulders Package


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