Fitness Recovery Package
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Fitness Recovery Package

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This recovery fitness package was created with the fitness enthusiast and athlete in mind.  The iZen Vibrating Massage Ball, Vibrating Massage Roller, and Universal Massage Wand makes fitness recovery possible anywhere you go. Take them one at a time—or all three—in your gym bag, suitcase or car—and you’ve got recovery on the go!...Buy them as a group and enhance your savings.

Regular exercise is great for your entire body, often working multiple muscle groups at a time, including the hard-to-reach ones.

Our vibrating ball, vibrating roller, and universal wand are all lightweight, highly portable products that together offer a deep, penetrating massage that soothes and loosens muscles from head to toe.

Purchase all three products together to enjoy significant savings and discover a whole new way to approach active-lifestyle recovery.

Integrate Massage Into Your Workout Routine with Our Fitness Recovery Package

For fitness fans, iZen's Fitness Recovery Package can add a satisfying new dimension to your exercise regimens.  

Professional athletes have been enjoying the benefits of fitness recovery massage for a long time, and now you can as well without the need for an expensive, time-consuming appointment. iZen’s Fitness Recovery Package offers you the right tools to prime your muscles before a tough session and properly cool them down afterward for maximum workout effectiveness.

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Fitness Recovery Package


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