Folding Massage Chair
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Folding Massage Chair

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Make Any Space Your Personal Sanctuary

with the Shouti Folding Massage Chair

The Shouti Folding Massage Chair's space-saving design allows you to enjoy a full-body massage anytime, anywhere.

By iZen

Massage chairs can make any room feel luxurious. But many homeowners don't have a designated space for one.

iZen's Shouti Folding Massage Chair changes all of that.

Now, you can enjoy an elite, spa-like experience anytime, anywhere – without rearranging your living space. The revolutionary folding design allows you to store this chair inside a closet, under your bed or in any other small, confined area.

Though the Shouti Folding Massage Chair is compact, it's packed full of impressive features.

In addition to three different massage modes and various intensities, the Shouti boasts heat therapy, airbags for compression, a reclinable design and much more.

From the first moment you lean back into the Shouti, deep-tissue massage will induce pure rest, relaxation and serenity. With our revolutionary folding massage chair, you can turn any room into your own personal sanctuary without sacrificing functionality.

The only thing more impressive than the chair itself is the price. We made our iZen Folding Massage Chair affordable so that anyone can enjoy the advantages of a professional-grade home massage, no matter the size of their home or budget.

Benefits of the Shouti Folding Massage Chair

Our smallest chair may be compact, but there's still plenty of room for impressive features. Learn more about the unparalleled benefits of the Shouti Folding Massage Chair.

The Shouti Folding Massage Chair was meticulously designed to give you the most extravagant experience possible. Here are some of the features that make this chair stand out among others.

Stepless Armrest Adjustment with Footrest

Customize your comfort with fully adjustable armrests. The Shouti also has a reclining footrest for optimal relaxation.

Multi-Directional Massage Modes

Lower quality folding massage chairs only offer a few select movements: up, down or side to side. The Shouti's multi-directional massage modes mimic the vigorous penetration of a professional's hands.

Heat Therapy

Our folding massage chair comes with an optional heat therapy mode. This gentle radiating warmth can help loosen and soothe tight, tired muscles.

Back Kneading with Airbag Technology

Airbags are helpful for massaging areas that the rollers cannot easily reach. Using air compression, the Shouti Folding Massage Chair can properly position the body to receive maximum benefit from the massage. Compression is also used to improve blood and lymph flow, promoting optimal wellness.

Upper, Lower and Full Back Massage

Many of the low-end portable massage chairs on the market only target a specific area. The iZen Shouti delivers professional-grade massage from the neck and shoulders all the way down to the lower back. There are also varying intensities and settings so your massage experience can be tailored to your unique needs.

Remote Control in the Armrest

You'll never have to search for a remote with the Shouti Folding Massage Chair. We built the controls right into the armrest for easy access.

160º Lean Back Angle

Many portable massage chairs don't recline. The Shouti offers a 160º lean back angle so you can enjoy optimal comfort during your session.

For more information, read the product manual for the iZen Shouti Folding Massage Chair.

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Folding Massage Chair


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