Serenity Massage Chair
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Serenity Massage Chair

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Enjoy a Fully Customized Home Spa Experience

with the Serenity Massage Chair

Sink into the luxurious Serenity and let your stress and troubles melt away. With tons of customizable features, this mid-size massage chair from iZen offers an experience like no other.

By iZen

Every day can be spa day with iZen's Serenity Massage Chair. This mid-size chair is where luxury meets affordability. Composed of soft, sleek synthetic leather, the Serenity boasts a number of features, including full-body airbags, adjustable massage rollers, heat therapy and so much more. Allow yourself to be engulfed in pure bliss any time you want in the comfort of your own home.

Whether you need a deep-tissue massage or just a little rest and relaxation, the Serenity can deliver. Its unparalleled versatility is the reason so many of our customers choose this product. The Serenity can accommodate virtually any body type or size, and it covers up to 60% more surface area compared to conventional home massage chairs.

Benefits of the Serenity Massage Chair

The Serenity's features set this chair apart from the rest, making it a standout choice for those in search of a truly lavish experience. Learn more about what our luxury mid-size massage chair has to offer.

The Serenity is designed to place you directly in the lap of luxury. Here are just a few of the features that make it such a popular massage chair.

Adjustable Massage Rollers

Many home massage chairs on the market today have rollers that only move up, down or side to side. The Serenity has adjustable rollers that conform to your body and focus on problematic areas for a custom experience.

Unique L-Style Massage Track

At iZen, we believe it's important to treat the entire body, not just the problematic areas. The Serenity's L-track design allows the rollers to move all the way up and down the spine, working on the back, lumbar region, buttocks and thighs.

Full-Body Air Pressure Massage

The Serenity Massage Chair features full-body airbags. Compression works in conjunction with the rollers to heal common trouble areas like the shoulders, arms, legs and feet. Air pressure massage also pushes, pulls, squeezes and presses target regions to increase blood flow and improve circulation.

Extendable Leg Rest

Tall users can extend the leg rest for optimal comfort. The Serenity can comfortably accommodate individuals up to six feet in height.

Multiple Foot Rollers

The Serenity Massage Chair comes complete with multiple foot rollers. In conjunction with air pressure technology, these rollers focus on major reflexology pressure points, thereby supporting whole-body wellness.

Bluetooth Speakers

Enjoy your favorite playlists that help you relax and unwind on the Serenity's Bluetooth speakers. And with our built-in USB port, you never have to worry about your smartphone losing its charge.

Heat Therapy

Heat enhances your massage experience and promotes healing for sore, aching muscles. Sophisticated carbon fiber heating is safe and energy-efficient. It also ensures that heat is distributed evenly for soothing care.

For more information, read the product manual for the iZen Serenity Massage Chair.

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Serenity Massage Chair


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