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Tranquil Zero Gravity Massage Chair

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$1,750.00 SKU: IZ-Tranquil
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With the Tranquil Zero Gravity Massage Chair, you're not simply indulging, you're healing. You're giving your mind and body exactly what it needs.

With the Tranquil Zero Gravity Massage Chair, you're not simply indulging, you're healing. You're giving your mind and body exactly what it needs.


This zero gravity lounge chair offers a respite from the pressures of your day. It’s a way to relieve stress and take time away from a hectic schedule. When you have an anti-gravity massage recliner in your home, you’re giving your mind and body exactly what it needs, any time of day.


What makes the iZen Tranquil Zero Gravity Massage Chair the right massage chair for you? It senses exactly what your body needs, yet gives you complete control over your experience. Back pain? Migraines? Hamstring tightness? Discomfort quickly dissolves. Better yet, the pain stays away with daily sessions in your Tranquil Zero Gravity Massage Chair.


Zero Gravity Massage Chair Details

  • Massage Roller Technology
  • L-Track Massage Function
  • Zero Gravity Recliner
  • Leg and Foot Massage Options
  • Sports, Relax or Sleep Massage Settings
  • Shiatsu, Kneading and Knocking Techniques
  • Full Body, Upper Back, Lower Back Focus Choices
  • PU Leather
  • Sleek, Modern Design to Fit Your Home
  • 20-Minute Auto Timer
  • Easy-to-Use Wired Remote with Advanced User Interface
  • Shoulder Adjustment Options
  • Low, Medium or High Air Pressure
  • White Glove Delivery Included in Every Order
  • Built-In Bluetooth Speakers

Benefits of the iZen Tranquil Zero Gravity Massage Chair

iZen massage chairs deliver relief and relaxation because they utilize state-of-the-art massage technology in their design.

Massage Roller Technology

In the iZen Tranquil Zero Gravity Massage chair, no area goes untreated. Advanced massage technology allows your sore muscles to enjoy the benefits of complete vertical and horizontal movement. Rollers target tension with knocking, kneading and shiatsu techniques.

L-Track Massage Is a Better Massage

Other massage chairs begin treatment at the neck but stop at the lower back. With an L-track design, the Tranquil Massage Chair focuses on the lumbar and continues with a full extension to the buttocks area. This method ensures every disc of the spine gets the decompression it needs, leaving you feeling looser and more flexible, ready for the day.

Zero Gravity Recline

Zero gravity positioning is specifically designed for optimal massage effects. What is zero gravity recline? When your thighs are comfortably elevated to a position relative to your spine, it naturally releases tension and takes pressure off your back. Our zero gravity massage chair enhances relaxation and makes your 20-minute massage count.

Treat Your Feet and Legs

When you’re seated in an iZen massage lounge chair, your feet also get special attention too. When you’re in full recline at the zero gravity position, your legs are massaged along with your back. At iZen, we believe holistic treatment is essential to effective, lasting results.

Choose Your Method

With the option to select a sleep, sports or relax massage, you have control over your experience in the iZen Tranquil Zero Gravity Massage Chair. Choose between kneading, knocking or shiatsu massage methods, dialing in on either your full body, upper back or lower back. With a built-in sensor function, the Tranquil Massage Chair doesn’t need your help finding the ideal setting but welcomes your input. You can also choose your desired air compression level: low, medium or high.

For more information, read the product manual for the iZen Tranquil Zero Gravity Massage Chair.

  • Model No. : IZ-Tranquil
  • Product Dimensions (LxWxH Inches) : 61.8 x 27.2 x 44.1
  • Weight : 160 lbs


Reviews From Others Who Purchased This Product
          5 of 5 stars Best. Purchase. Ever.
Review Submitted By: Tim O.

I’m an avid golfer and my back, neck and legs get very sore. I love using my Tranquil chair before I hit the green for the day and then use it for even longer when I get home. It completely relieves the tension in my muscles and leaves me feeling refreshed!

          5 of 5 stars My new favorite massage chair doubles as a movie chair.
Review Submitted By: Mary T.

My new favorite massage chair doubles as a movie chair My friend bought this chair and I tried it out at her house – I couldn’t get out once I got in! Needless to say, I ordered my own the very next day. The delivery team was so great, they were able to bring it up to my third floor for me. Now I get to watch movies while I’m enjoying a fantastic massage!

          5 of 5 stars Better than a massage therapist…but a lot less expensive.
Review Submitted By: Sandee C.

I always wanted to buy a massage chair but I’ve heard stories about other models breaking, which made me hesitant. I really liked the idea of iZen’s 3-year service plan, though, haven’t really seen that before. Now I feel like I have my own masseuse every day! I’m so glad I finally decided to get a chair like this, and I’m SO glad I went with iZen’s Tranquil chair!

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